Job Information

Confidential Employer Farmworker in Aspers, Pennsylvania

"This is a Temporary Position.  Dates of employment are From 07/1/2024 To 11/08/2024. To apply: click on "I want to apply".  * Must have three months of experience. Resumes and/or applications can also be faxed to Luis Gomez Ruiz , H-2A Coordinator or James Marchionne at (717) 334-3869.  Be sure to reference the job posting number *(20146366) on your resume/application.  All resumes/applications are reviewed and only those that match the job specifications are forwarded to the employer for consideration. * *Use manual equipment to plant, maintain, prune, fertilize, irrigate, weed, control pests, stake and mulch, harvest and sort/grade fruits. Maintain fences, equipment and farm buildings, etc. Use manual equipment to plant (25%), maintain (prune, fertilize, irrigate, weed, control pests, stake and tie, mulch) (30%) , harvest and sort/grade *(30%) fruits (apples, peaches, cherries, berries, plums) vegetables (tomatoes, melons, squash). Maintain fences, equipment, and farm buildings (10%). *Climb ladders and pluck fruit from trees (60%), move from site to site (10%), leave fruit in bins (10%). Clean fruit(5%), Sort fruit (5%), Pack fruit (10%), Workers will comply with procedures for ladder safety as instructed and follow other instructions of supervisor. Workers will follow rules that assure food safety as instructed which include hand washing, use of restrooms and handling of fruit. Tools paid for by employer.