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KBR APS-3: Maintenance Shipboard Supervisor - Land Based in Charleston, South Carolina


APS-3: Maintenance Shipboard Supervisor - Land Based

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Program Summary

KBR maintains and manages Army prepositioned stocks at the Army Field Support Battalion - Charleston (AFSBn-CHS) land site and aboard ship to include all logistics and maintenance operations. The KBR APS-3 Program is managed and executed at Goose Creek in support of the Army’s power projection doctrine and resources. The contract provides maintenance of APS-3 stocks (Class II, IIIP, IV, VII, IX) to ensure that unit sets stored aboard marine vessels are configured and maintained at optimal readiness. KBR provides limited maintenance and supply support aboard ship to ensure that equipment sets are maintained in a ready condition for emergency download and issue to operating units at the direction of the US Army. KBR also provides maintenance services and logistical support for other Army programs IAW individual scope of work contract requirements.

Job Summary

This position supports The Army Pre Positioned Ships located in areas to include Korea, Guam and Diego Garcia. The candidate is committed to a minimum of one year’s time in position before he/she can be considered for another position. Supervises shipboard operations in both an in Port and Deployed environment. Supervises the shipboard maintenance and care in stores team. Through subordinates’ coordinates activities of workers engaged in servicing and repairing deployed equipment to obtain optimal use of equipment, facilities, and personnel, and supporting tools and special test equipment. Interprets specifications, drawings, work orders, technical instructions, and layouts. Ensures all completed work is in compliance with specifications and time schedules. Reviews and analyzes expenditure, financial, and operations reports to determine requirements and makes recommendations to management that will improve overall efficiency. Assists in the approval of requisitions for equipment, materials and supplies within limits of the department budget. Performs administrative management tasks and prepares related management reports. Assists in the formulation of administrative and operations policies and procedures and ensures compliance with administrative policies, procedures, safety rules and government regulations. Provide technical guidance/assistance and makes decisions where written guidelines are not available. Plans and manages human resource activities within assigned area of responsibility. Establishes performance objectives/goals. Supervises the requisitioning, receipt and allocation of tools, parts, and material required for Shipboard Operations. Recommends changes to procedures as appropriate. Maintains APS3 ISO-9001:2008 policies and procedures and ensures on-going compliance with such. Supervisor must possess the ability to interact with the ship’s Master and the ship’s crew and at times will be required to coordinate with the Master concerning ship’s functions (i.e. drills, bunkering, stores, ect.)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ensures all contractual matters are accomplished on the assigned ship, including all reporting requirements. Reports directly to the APS-3 Site Manager and has the authority to make routine day-to-day decisions affecting the crew and mission.

  • Accomplishes stock surveillance and corrective maintenance and support actions as designated by the Statement of Work (SOW), current work instructions, and customer guidance letters.

  • Provides a Semi-annual Vehicle Exercise Reprocessing Program plan to the APS-3 Site Manager.

  • Advises the APS-3 Site Manager on the status of equipment readiness, maintenance requirements, and related subjects in accordance with Shipboard Activity Requirements.

  • Establishes and documents a monthly technical cross-training program for all personnel consistent with normal maintenance.

  • Inventories bench stock assets annually and provide results to the APS-3 Site Manager. Documents issues, receipts, transfers, and other uses of bench stock assets. Requisitions deficiencies on a Work Order; submits requests to add, delete, and/or change the Bench Stock block to the APS-3 Site Manager and customer.

  • Inventories all took kits using the appropriate stock listing, supply catalog, TM, or commercial packing list and submits results to the APS-3 Site Manager and Property Supervisor at the designated frequencies.

  • Ensures that highly pilferable/high value equipment (e.g., computers, hand-held radios) is properly secured and controlled. Tool control and issue procedures are in accordance with applicable instructions. All tool sets, kits, and chests will be locked and kept secure against pilferage.

  • Maintains calibration control file for Shipboard TMDE Operational Test Code-3 items provided by the Maintenance Department. Calibration schedules will be arranged to coincide with scheduled proximity of a calibration facility when possible. All TMDE requiring calibration which is maintained while afloat will be carried in an active status.

  • Utilizes ISO 9001:2008 procedures, work instructions and quality records to establish an internal quality control program to monitor equipment readiness. Establishes positive control over the Publication Program, and forecasts equipment failure rates. Monitors maintenance trends; and establishes and monitors MAMs, SOUMs, and/or GPMs. Develops Preventive Maintenance Schedule; and schedules, directs, and supervises the care, inspection, and maintenance of assigned equipment. Establishes an effective Stock Surveillance Program; ensures that records are maintained properly, and maintenance conforms to established standards. Reviews AWARDS/MVB Reports daily, and monitors maintenance cycle time. Develops VERP schedule based on ships’ movements; completes CDRLs in a timely manner; and maintains Internal Quality Control Process.

  • Maintains shipboard technical publication in accordance with applicable processes and directives.

  • Conducts daily weapons and sensitive container inspection to ensure the seal is intact.

  • Functions as local holder custodian of embarked CCI assets and reports in accordance with current directives.

  • Ensures contractual requirements are submitted in a timely and accurate fashion.

  • Maintains records of potentially defective material to provide to the customer upon download.

  • Serves as technical advisor to the APS-3 Site Manager on Afloat Shipboard maintenance functions.

  • Plans corrective maintenance, taking into account TM -10 /-20 Standard levels authorized, priority, availability of repair parts, tools, equipment, level of personnel experience, and operational situation.

  • Plans and coordinates resource management, which includes training and use of maintenance personnel, availability of tools and support equipment, availability and use of technical data and maintenance functions, use of spares and repair parts, and accurate submission of equipment resource data.

  • Establishes goal-oriented maintenance program to ensure the Afloat Phase Maintenance schedule is accomplished in an economic and timely manner.

  • Performs functions associated with equipment receipt and transfer during the MMC and designated units’ exercises, technical data research, tool issue, shop property control, asset accountability, and recording and reporting of completed maintenance actions with the vessel.

  • Ensures tool control and test equipment are tracked daily while performing Preventative and Corrective Maintenance.

  • Supervises shipping and receiving as required.

  • Ensures a robust care in stores program is maintained aboard each vessel.

  • Performs Property Control as it applies to both Tool Management on the vessel and Quarterly Reconciliations conducted with the Property Office.

  • Provides inventory control for prepositioned embarked aboard vessels; manages accountability, perform inventories and have custodial responsibility to validate and report accuracy to data files and reports.

  • Manages surge resources to ensure that exercises, maintenance efforts, and/or VERP are accomplished.

  • Ensures safety of all resources onboard each vessel.

  • Integrates Maintenance Services with Supporting Organizations (i.e., Regional Cal Labs, Supply Support and Services).

  • Develops and manages execution of a comprehensive battery plan.

  • Accomplishes Hazardous Waste/Storage functions in accordance with Coast Guard Regulations and Vessel rules.

Basic Qualifications (Required Education, Experience, Skills, and Certifications)

  • U.S. Citizen.

  • Active or be able to obtain a Secret Clearance

  • Posses a valid State Motor Vehicle Operator License.

  • A.A/A.S degree in a related discipline Logistics, Business, or Industrial Management.

  • Minimum 8 Years supervisory/management experience in fleet management, maintenance management and supply chain management or Minimum 20 years supervisory/management experience in military or civilian related fleet management, maintenance and supply chain management.

  • Familiarity of military type equipment is also a requirement even if the above requirements are met.

  • Ability to review and apply technical specifications and requirements.

  • Ability to analyze equipment and forecast spare part equipment.

  • Ability to analyze maintenance repair or operation to determine methods of improvement.

  • Ability to comply with all established methods, quality standards, and time schedules applicable to this position.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

    Physical Requirements:

  • ​Physical requirements include lifting up to 35lb, team lifting up to 50lbs, climbing, extended sitting, or standing, stooping, stretching, and bending.

  • ​Work may require using and wearing personal protective equipment such as, hearing and eye protection, hard hat and steel-toed boots as well as Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) which may include but not limited to Level III plus/IV Individual Body Armor with both front and back ballistic plates, ACH helmet, clothing (undergarments, shirts and pants and/or coveralls), reflective vests/belts, sound suppression devices, etc.

  • ​Day-to-day physical requirements may involve standard office activities including sitting/standing for extended periods of time, attending meetings, use of keyboard and mouse repetitively, lifting and carrying less than 20 lbs. frequently, etc.

  • ​Work requires moderate physical exertion including walking to operating areas and walking upstairs.

Preferred Qualifications (Preferred Education, Experience, Skills, and Certifications)

  • Leadership

  • Organizational Awareness

  • Planning/Organizing

  • Motivational Fit

  • Technical Skills

  • Information Analysis

KBR Benefits

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  • Our workforce is paid hourly based on a guaranteed 40-hour work week; the daily schedule is from 6:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday-Thursday (work hours are determined by the hiring manager).

  • For hourly employees, the premium overtime is paid at time and a half.

  • The APS-3 workforce receives 11 Federal Holidays per year in addition to earned paid time off.

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