Job Information

DYNAMIC EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS INC Residential Living Manager in Dayton, Ohio


Residential Living Manager

Reports to: Social Development Director

Salary: $53,000

Shift: Thursday - Monday 3pm-12am

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Position Description



Responsible for supervising the residential program. Manages the residential areas for the health and safety of students.

Essential Functions

  1. Provides day-to-day supervision and training to staff in the residential living department. Plans, coordinates, and manages the administrative and programmatic activities of department.
  2. Develops and implements policies and procedures regarding to maximize the student living standard.
  3. Oversees the physical environment of residential living areas to maintain a safe, secure, and healthy living environment for students, in conjunction with other center staff.
  4. Inspects dormitory areas as appropriate, ensuring safety and proper behavior of students, and ensures facility maintenance is completed.
  5. Develops and monitors the staff schedule for 24/7 dorm supervision and assists with staffing decisions.
  6. Provides support and guidance to staff in managing student behavior, assessing needs, and resolving individual/group issues.
  7. Facilitates crisis management as appropriate using center protocols and available resources.
  8. Provides guidance for students to achieve positive attitudes and proper behavior in dormitory living situations and accomplish their goals and objectives in obtaining self-management skills.
  9. Transports students as required; coordinates student clothing trips.
  10. Assists with recreational activities for students on and off center as required.
  11. Prepares reports and other administrative correspondence relating to students; controls documentation and maintenance of records.
  12. Recommends or requisitions supplies to meet the needs of residential living and ensure the students' safety.
  13. Assists in preparing and reviewing the departmental budget; monitors and controls expenditures and inventory.
  14. Models, mentors, and monitors the positive normative culture of the center.
  15. Acts as a responsible custodian for assigned center property.
  16. Reports violations of ethical behavior.
  17. Suggests opportunities for continuous operational improvement and reduction of waste.
  18. Identifies and reports environmental health and safety concerns.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Required Education & Experience

  • Bachelor's degree (including 15 semester hours of instruction in social services--related instruction)
  • Two years of experience in counseling or related field, youth development is strongly preferred.


  • Ability to obtain and maintain CPR/First Aid certification
  • Ability to promote the Career Success Standards (CSS) by modeling appropriate behaviors, mentoring students when necessary, and monitoring both positive and negative behaviors through interventions
  • Ability to inspire and motivate staff
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills
  • Computer proficiency

Minimum Eligibility Qualifications

If position requires driving, a valid driver's license in the state of employment with an acceptable driving record is required

I-9 documentation require