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The City of Houston Airport Communications Operator in Houston, Texas

Airport Communications Operator

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Airport Communications Operator


$1,592.80 - $2,052.80 Biweekly


2800 N Terminal Road

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Full Time

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Houston Airport System

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5/22/2024 11:59 PM Central

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Applications Accepted From: ALL PERSONS INTERESTED

Division/Section: Bush Intercontinental / Airport Operations Center (AOC)

Workdays & Hours: Shift work, could include a Rotating Schedule weekends and holidays (Subject to change)


The Airport Operations Center (AOC) supports daily operations at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) for the Houston Airport System. The goal of the IAH AOC is to provide efficiency through a single point of contact for Operations, Security, Maintenance, and Information/Customer Service.

The Airport Communications Operator operates communications equipment to receive and process airport emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance. This position processes paging, and information calls and monitors and responds to alarm systems signals, aircraft emergency alerts, airport terminal/roadway incidents, fire accidents, bomb threats, facility security, facility maintenance requests, Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS) trouble alarms, and terminal gate requests for coordination/assignments. “Must be able to pass a criminal background check, obtain and maintain federally mandated security clearances where required."

The Airport Communications Operator duties include but are not limited to:

  • Operates the airport telephone exchange system including the public address system and TDDs.

  • Provides routine information to customers such as airline arrivals and departures, traffic conditions, parking information, service complaints, lost luggage or passengers, directions and emergencies. Maintains daily log of calls.

  • Receives and directs public calls to the appropriate parties for lost and locked vehicles, tows, and airport injuries; and maintenance calls regarding various facilities, equipment, traffic and weather conditions and spills.

  • Broadcasts information to appropriate airport and tenant personnel regarding aircraft emergencies and hazardous conditions as specified in the Airport Emergency Procedures Manual. May provide prearrival instructions to calls. Maintains log.

  • Enters domestic and international airline schedules into the information display system, and reviews and updates daily flight data, aircraft gate and baggage carousel assignments and schedule changes.

  • Monitors access control systems to ensure no unauthorized access to Aircraft Operating Areas (AOA) and other security areas by the public, employees or tenants of the airport. Notifies appropriate authorities of civil defense alerts.

  • Relays information and calls to appropriate personnel regarding repair services such as malfunctioning access card readers, broken access gates, building and street lighting, pipes, toilets, and sinks. Updates maintenance tracking system.

  • Performs other job duties as assigned by supervisor.


The position is physically comfortable most of the time with occasional periods of stooping, bending and/or light lifting of materials of up to 10 pounds. There are occasional minor discomforts from exposure to less-than-optimal temperature and air conditions. The position may involve dealing with modestly unpleasant situations, as with occasional exposure to office chemicals and/or extensive use of a video display terminal. Requires the ability to make coordinated gross motor movements in response to changing external stimuli within moderately demanding tolerances; or the ability to make coordinated eye/hand movements on a patterned response space within low tolerance demands with no real speed requirements.



Requires a high school diploma or a GED.


One year of experience in a major airport terminal handling a variety of communication activities or in a related major facility handling a variety of communication equipment is required.




Preference will be given to applicants with prior experience in a medium to high volume dispatch, communications, or call center environment. CCTV experience a plus. The ability to monitor multiple screens is highly desirable. A certification in one of the following areas of expertise preferred, NIMS IS-100, NIMS IS-200, TCLEOSE or TCOLE Certification, A.A.A.E ACE Certification. Proficient in MS Outlook preferred. MS Office Suite a plus.

Preference shall be given to eligible veteran applicants provided such persons possess the qualifications necessary for competent discharge of the duties involved in the position applied for, such persons are among the most qualified candidates for the position, and all other factors in accordance with Executive Order 1-6.



The selection process will involve application review and/or interview. Department may administer skills assessment test.


YES - If yes, this position is subject to random drug testing and if a promotional position, candidate must pass an assignment drug test.

Pay Grade - 14


Factors used in determining the salary offered include the candidate's qualifications as well as the pay rates of other employees in this classification.


Only online applications will be accepted for this City of Houston job and must be received by the Human Resources Department during active posting period. Applications must be submitted online at: .

To view your detailed application status, please log-in to your online profile by visiting: or call 281-233-1528.

If you need special services or accommodations, call 281-233-1577; (TTY 7-1-1)

If you need login assistance or technical support call 855-524-5627.

Due to the high volume of applications received, the Hiring Department will contact you directly, should you be selected to advance in our recruitment process.

All new and rehires must pass a pre-employment drug test and are subject to a physical examination and verification of information provided.

Applicants are encouraged to attach a cover letter and resume along with their completed application when applying. For further information pertaining to the Houston Airport System, please visit:

EOE Equal Opportunity Employer

The City of Houston is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce and providing a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment based upon any legally protected status or protected characteristic, including but not limited to an individual's sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, veteran status, gender identity, or pregnancy.

The city offers a competitive benefits program, including competitively priced health coverage and a defined contribution pension plan.

Benefits include:

• Medical

• Dental

• Vision

• Wellness

• Life insurance

• Long-term disability

• Retirement pension

• 457 deferred compensation plan

• Employee Assistance Program

• 10 days of vacation each year

• 11 city holidays, plus one floating holiday

• Flexible schedules

• Professional development opportunities

• Transportation/parking plan

• Section 125 pretax deductions

• Dependent Care Reimbursement Plan

• Healthcare Flexible Spending Account

For plan details, visit


Are you a Houston Airport System employee?

  • Yes

  • No


    Are you a veteran who served on active duty in the Armed Forces (United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard) for more than 90 consecutive days and received either an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions?

  • Yes

  • No


    What is the highest level of education you have obtained?

  • Less than a High School Diploma/GED

  • High School Diploma/GED

  • Associates Degree

  • Bachelor's Degree

  • Master's Degree


    How many years of experience do you have handling a variety of communications activities or equipment in an airport or related major facility?

  • 1 year less than 2 years

  • 2 years less than 4 years

  • 4 years less than 6 years

  • 6 years or more

  • No experience


    How many years of experience do you have working in a high-volume dispatch, communication and/or call center area?

  • Less than 2 years

  • 2 years less than 4 years

  • 4 years less than 6 years

  • 6 years or more

  • No experience


    How many years of "Airport Operations/ Security Monitoring" dispatch experience do you have?

  • Less than 2 years

  • 2 years less than 4 years

  • 4 years less than 6 years

  • 6 years or more

  • No experience


    Work setting: Do you have a "verifiable" dispatch certification? (Please check all that applies)

  • NIMS IS-100

  • NIMS IS-200

  • A.A.A.E or ACE


  • Other

  • I do not have a certification


    If selected other, please list the "verifiable" dispatch certification you obtained.


    Please indicate your "highest" typing proficiency.

  • Less than 30 words per minute

  • At least 30 words per minute

  • At least 40 words per minute

  • At least 50 or more words per minute

  • I am not proficient in typing


    Work setting: please check all that you have "verifiable" experience with.

  • The ability to monitor multiple screens

  • Creating and maintaining an incident log

  • The ability to monitor multiple internal and external calls

  • The ability to monitor CCTV and access control experience

  • The ability to accurately document incident logs and records

  • The ability to communicate effectively with internal and external customers

  • None of the above


    What industry have you worked for? Please check all that apply.

  • State

  • Aviation

  • Federal

  • Fire & Emergency

  • Other

  • No experience


    Please indicate your "highest" level of proficiency in the Microsoft office suite.

  • BEGINNER: Perform daily word processing tasks, enter and correct data, modify a workbook, format a Worksheet, creates a new e-mail message, checking e-mail.

  • INTERMEDIATE: Basic formatting and create a variety of templates, merges; manage table data, sort and filter merges, reply, forward, print and delete an e-mail message.

  • ADVANCED: Manage table data, sort and filter merges, advanced techniques for analyzing and manipulating data in Excel, delete e-mails from the Inbox, Sent Items and Deleted Items folders, Add, edit, move and delete appointments on your calendar.

  • EXPERT: Produce table of contents, footnotes, endnotes, bookmarks, manage Macro commands, and create MS Excel applications, managing calendars.

  • None of the above


    All positions in the IAH Airport Operations Center (AOC) are designated as TIER I (Essential Personnel) employees. Are you able to work long hours in emergency or disaster situations that may require you to be away from your home and/or family for extended periods of time?

  • Yes

  • No


    Are you available and willing to work all shifts; including but not limited to: rotating shifts, weekends, holidays, and special occasions?

  • Yes

  • No


    Please provide a brief description of a standard incident you have handled that escalated into an emergency situation.


    What was your response and the resolution? (An emergency incident that required independent critical thinking to resolve the problem). (See resume is not acceptable, if no experience please insert N/A).

    Required Question