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At TE, you will unleash your potential working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to create a safer, sustainable and more connected world.

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TE Connectivity’s R&D/Product Development Engineering Teams conceive original ideas for new products, introduce them into practice. They are responsible for product development, and qualification from market definition through production and release; assist in the qualification of suppliers for new products to ensure suppliers deliver quality parts, materials, and services for new or improved manufacturing processes; conduct feasibility studies, testing on new and modified designs; direct and support detailed design, testing, prototype fabrication and manufacturing ramp. The R&D/Product Development Engineering Teams provide all required product documentation including, but not limited to, Solid Model, 2D/3D production drawings, product specifications, and testing requirements. They create and modify detailed drawings and drafting or conceptual models from layouts, rough sketches or notes and contribute to design modifications to facilitate manufacturing operation or quality of product. Typical fields of expertise include: materials, mechanics and systems, electrical, optics, chemistry, software, automation systems, packaging, testing and measurement, and manufacturing of electrical, mechanical and electronic components, products, and their integration into systems.

What your background should look like:


1.负责连接器领域典型的失效分析,尤其是金属领域:开裂,烧毁,接触电阻变大,异物,可焊性,压接,氧化腐蚀等;Responsible for common failure cases analysis of connector: Discoloration, Crack, Burnt, LLCR too big, Contamination, solderability, Crimping, Oxide, etc;

2.扩大FA实验室金属分析能力:金相分析,残余应力研究,材料,镀层,工艺,压接,尺寸,设计,等;Responsible for connector competitive sample analysis: Material, Plating, Craft, Crimping, Size, Design, etc;

3.扩大FA实验室其它能力建设:正压力工具开发,失效领域的软件仿真,AI应用于检索,锡须检查新方法拓展,高频连接器插损性能仿真研究,加速寿命老化模型建立,电镀工艺研究等;Enlarge FA new capability buildup.

4.深入分析典型失效案例,通过材质,工艺,应用,失效模拟等找到根源,避免重复性的失效质量事故;Deeply failure analysis for typical cases by material, craft, application and FA simulation. Find root cause and avoid repeated quality issue;

5.从测试,失效分析,应用等领域提出革新建仪,新机遇的研究;Submit Innovation ideas based on testing, failure analysis and application;

6.失效实验室遇到的疑难案例的公关,重复发生的质量问题,竞品差异性的深入研究; Deeply study FA challenge cases;

7.总结分析的基础上,形成论文;Based on failure analysis and submit Paper;

8.其它指定的相关工作;Other assigned work.

Position requirement:

1.熟悉金属材料分析方法,能操作常用的分析仪器: SEM/EDX,硬度计,切片,金相,等;Familiar Metal material analysis method, operation main analysis instruments: SEM/EDX, Hardness, Cross section, metallographic, etc;

2.熟悉综合的失效分析在连接器上的应用:电气,机械,环境,加速寿命老化,可靠性,等;Familiar other comprehensive failure analysis method on connector: Electrical, Mechanical, Environment, Lifetime, Reliability;

3.熟悉其它相关的失效分析工具,如CT扫描,切片分析(Cross section test)测试及分析;Familiar 3D CT,cross section test and analysis;

4.有失效分析领域软件仿真及机械夹治具设计或传感器设计经验及工作经历,是加分项;It’s prefer to have software simulation and tooling madding working or sensor design experience;

5.失效分析新能力开发经历,比如:红墨水,锡须分析,离子研磨,CT在SI插损仿真中的应用,失效领域的软件仿真等;New FA methods study and development, such as: DnP, Whisker, Ion polish, CT application in SI analysis;

6.产品可靠性方面的工作积累,包括产品全寿命周期模型分析,加速寿命老化分析方法,可靠性规范的编写经历等;Experience in product reliability, including of product the whole life analysis, HALR/HASS, SPEC edit, etc.

7.硕士及以上学历,材料,理化,可靠性及失效分析相关专业,5年以上工作经验。Master or above degree, major in Material, Physics&Chemistry, Reliability or Failure analysis, working experience no less than 5 years.


Values: Integrity, Accountability, Inclusion, Innovation, Teamwork


SHANGHAI, SH, CN, 200233


State: SH

Country/Region: CN

Travel: Less than 10%

Requisition ID: 119961

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Function: Engineering & Technology

TE Connectivity and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and operating units (collectively, the "Company") is committed to providing a work environment that prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, ethnicity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability or any other characteristics protected by applicable law or regulation.