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Defense Contract Management Agency Supervisory Airplane Pilot in Singapore, Singapore

Summary See below for important information regarding this job. Additional vacancies may be filled from this announcement. All OCONUS CMOs requires medical clearance which may include immunization and/or physical exam. Responsibilities Plans, manages, and provides supervision to the activities of civilian and military personnel who provide support for aircraft flight test and ground operations. Serves as technical and administrative first-line supervisor to 10 to 12 positions within the direct organization. Plans and assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, selective consideration of the difficulty and requirements of assignments, and the capabilities of employees. Exercises technical and administrative management of aircraft operations for the agency's programs. Ensures that the Aviation Program Team (ATP) and flight operations personnel conduct aircraft operations in accordance with cognizant service guidelines, ground and flight risk clause requirements, and any additional specific contract requirements. Serves as the technical authority on aircraft flight and ground operation matters pertaining to complex aerospace systems, equipment products, and manufacturing processes. Through the APT and subordinate staff, ensures contractor compliance with Service directives and DCMA regulations for all Government-owned aircraft and related support equipment. Requirements Conditions of Employment Qualifications To qualify for a Supervisory Airplane Pilot, your resume and supporting documentation must support: A. Minimum eligibility requirements for positions in this occupation are based on possession of the appropriate Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot certificates and/or appropriate military ratings, meeting the applicable flight hour requirements, and possession of the knowledge and skills required for the positions. Certificates and Ratings: Candidates must possess a Commercial Pilot Certificate or the appropriate military rating; both meet the intent of the requirement. Flight Experience: Candidates must demonstrate possession of the knowledge and skills required for the work by meeting certain minimum flight hour requirements, including recency of flight experience. The categories in which candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency relate to (1) the general knowledge and skills to pilot the aircraft, and (2) the specific knowledge and skills related to the position being filled. Only that flight experience that is directly related to the work of the position is required for purposes of establishing minimum eligibility. Minimum Flight Hour Requirements: The following flight hour requirements apply to all applicants: 1. Total Flight Time (1500 hours) -- Flight time as pilot-in-command or copilot in aircraft of any weight or category is creditable for this requirement. For in service placements actions, up to one fourth of the total flight hours may by waived for candidates who have demonstrated possession of the knowledge and skills needed to perform the work, provided: They hold the certificates and ratings required; They have acquired the pilot-in-command hours and flight hours in other categories essential to performance of the work; They meet the requirements in terms of level and quality of experience; and Their flying history indicates they are qualified for the position 2. Pilot-In-Command (250 hours) -- Only flight hours acquired as pilot-in-command are creditable. 3. Night Flying (75 hours) -- For in service placement actions at the GS-11 level and above, 25 hours may be waived if the candidate demonstrates the ability to perform the work. Medical Requirements: At the time of initial appointment, candidates for all pilot positions must possess a current first or second-class medical certificate in accordance with FAA regulations; both meet the intent of the requirement. Staff specialists not involved in the operation of aircraft need only have a medical examination indicating that they are able to perform the duties of the position to be filled. B. Specialized Experience: One year of specialized experience that equipped you with the competencies to successfully perform the duties of the position and is directly in, or related to, this position. To qualify for the NH-04 level, specialized experience must be at the NH-03 or GS-13 grade level or equivalent under other pay systems in the Federal service, military or private sector. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements including minimum qualifications, and any other regulatory requirements by the cut-off/closing date of the announcement. Creditable specialized experience includes: Overseeing contractor performance of military aircraft flight and ground operations utilizing related FAA and/or military regulations. Insuring aircraft maintenance inspection procedures are followed in accordance with agency guidelines. Servicing as a lead or supervisor over aircraft flight and ground operation personnel. Education Substitution of education may not be used in lieu of specialized experience for this grade level. Additional Information This position does not meet criteria for appointment of Reemployed Annuitants. Visit DoDI 1400.25, Vol 300. Tour of Duty: Flexible FLSA: Exempt Bargaining Unit: No If selected for an interview, you may be required to provide your last three performance appraisals to the panel. Selectee may be required to serve a trial/probationary period. Permanent Change of Station (PCS) expenses will be paid in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR). When you perform a civilian PCS with the government, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers the majority of your entitlements to be taxable. Visit DFAS. Financial Disclosure Required Supervisory Probation Required Selectees initially recruited from the US may receive certain foreign allowances IAW Dept of State Standardized Regs and may be subject to additional approval. Visit DSSR. Pay Retention will be extended to eligible employees who apply through a formal recruitment program and is selected for a position at an OCONUS location. Visit DoDI 1400.25, Vol 536. Selectees must comply with the Exceptional Family Member Program requirements. Visit DoDI 1315.19. Medical and DoD Dependents Schools special education services may not be available in the immediate location of this position. If an employee brings a child to an OCONUS location and that child is entitled to attend a DoD school on a space-required basis, the DoDEA and the Military Dept responsible for providing related services will ensure that the child, if eligible for special education, receives a free appropriate public education, including related services. If an employee brings an infant or toddler (up to 3yrs of age) to an overseas location, and that infant or toddler is entitled to attend the DoDEA on a space-required basis, then the Military Dept responsible for Early Intervention Services will provide the infant or toddler with the required EIS. Visit DoDEA 1342.13 and DoDM 1342.12. Medical care may be provided by host nation providers. The availability and level of care at host nation medical facilities will vary by location. Movement OCONUS may require you to initiate a change in your health benefits plan to ensure coverage. If an employee brings a family member to an OCONUS location who requires medical or dental care, then the employee will be responsible for obtaining and paying for such care. Access for civilian employees and their families to military medical and dental treatment facilities is on a space-available and reimbursable basis only. For OCONUS positions, that country's laws or international agreements may have a direct impact on the ability of an employee's same sex domestic partner or spouse to accompany the employee and receive certain benefits. If you believe you may be affected by these laws and agreements, you should familiarize yourself with relevant information before applying for or accepting this position. US citizens overseas under ordinarily resident status are not eligible for appointment under the Status of Forces Agreement. Ordinarily Resident is defined as a US citizen who is locally resident; and, has legal, permanent resident status within the host country; and, is subject to host country employment and tax laws.