Job Information

Pueblo of Zuni Program Manager - New Beginning (Closing May 27, 2024) in Zuni, New Mexico




SALARY: $28.44

GENERAL DEFINITION: The purpose of the position is responsible for managing the staff and operations of services for women and children who experienced domestic violence. Responsible for ensuring services are advocacy based and victim centered, ensuring all legal and grant requirements are met.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Work is performed under the general direction of the Department Director-Public Safety.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Supervises the program staff (Case Manager/Advocate, Administrative Assistant, Legal Advocate, Offender Re-Education Facilitator, Visitation Monitor).


Oversee the operation, management, and quality assurance of providing emergency shelter and/or temporary refuge related to women and their children affected by domestic violence.

  • Develop and implement programs, including structured activities and groups of clients that will promote life skills and an understanding of domestic violence.

  • Develops and implements internal policies and procedures as guidelines for systematic delivery of services.

  • Ensure issues within the shelter are addressed in a timely, direct, and respectful manner.

  • Ensure services delivered within the shelter are advocacy based.

  • Provide safety planning tools and crisis intervention services to women and children in a residential setting as well as the 24-hour crisis line.

  • Ensure the confidentiality of shelter records, clients' medical records and privileged communication and comply with Federal and State agency contract rules and procedures.

  • Facilitate education/informational seminars on recognizing sexual/physical violence and victimization and amplify public awareness and community responsibility to protect women and their children affected by domestic/family violence.

  • Conduct training on code development, enforcement, and adjudication.

  • Provide a comprehensive, on-going personnel development training program for staff.

  • Develop a comprehensive domestic violence-training program for implementation with all tribal programs.

  • Confers with program personnel to provide technical advice and assist with problem resolution strategies.

  • Develop agreements with service providers that are responsive to victims' needs, while collaborating with local and external support programs to enhance program services.

  • Consults with Division Director and Tribal Administrator on significant plans, actions, and changes.

  • Interface with the victim advocate community; coordinate access to treatment and services with Tribal and other support agencies in achieving a holistic approach to healing and recovery.

  • Facilitate shelter meetings and/or support groups.

  • Work cooperatively with other agencies that provide services to victims of domestic violence.

Manages and administers fiscal and grant management operations of the program and/or agreements to ensure funds are used appropriately, adequate documentation of transactions is maintained, and assets are safeguarded.

  • Prepares budgets, budget revisions and scope of work for submittal on an annual basis and as need for revision.

  • Reviews and approves all expenditures for the program to ensure accuracy of the cuff account and ensure funding is available to achieve program goals and objectives.

  • Coordinates activities of project through delegated subordinates and establishes budget control system for controlling expenditures.

  • Oversees the development, implementation, reconciliation, and monitoring of the programs cuff account monthly.

  • Prepares and submits reports on the status, annual reports, activity reports and plans for current and future operations.

  • Prepares grants for additional funding sources in order to develop new services.

  • Ensure grant information is being collected within the shelter to submit for funder reporting.

  • Responsible for preparing and submitting funding applications to various agencies for continued operations of the program.

  • Prepares and submits written progress reports to funding agencies, and/or Tribal Administrator.

  • Responsible for gathering and analyzing program statistical data and evaluating areas for improvement.

Monitors program activities, program objectives and compliance with all contracts and other applicable regulations to management effectiveness of programs and the efficient use of resources.

  • Monitors and conducts performance evaluations of all supervised staff according to personnel policies.

  • Monitors training and certifications of staff to ensure all individual development plans are in place in accordance to related position descriptions.

  • Develops and revises standard operating procedures for structure and activities under the program.

  • Conducts and monitor overall quality of services and performance of staff.

  • Conduct regular staff meetings to ensure communication among staff about program services and outreach activities.

Directly supervise and coordinate program activities to perform program goals and objectives to comply with all funded contracts and other applicable regulations.

  • Maintain staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees and developing personal growth opportunities.

  • Accomplish staff position results by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees, addressing complaints and complaint resolution.

  • Accomplish program objectives by supervising staff and organizing and monitoring work processes and conducting performance appraisals.

  • Maintain safe and healthy work environment by establishing and enforcing standard operating procedures and adhering to personnel policies and procedures.

  • Monitors operation of the program by developing schedules, assigning, monitoring work, gathering resources, implementing productivity standards, resolving operation problems, maintaining reference manuals, and implementing new procedures.

  • Provide quality service by enforcing quality and customer service standards.

  • Conduct staff meetings to enhance communication among staff related to program goals and objectives.

  • Analyze funding resources, develop new funding sources, and prepares grant proposals.

Performs other related duties as assigned.


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Knowledge and understanding of services and resources available to women and their children affected by domestic violence. Knowledge and understanding of laws governing domestic violence. Knowledge of awareness and sensitivity to the Zuni culture and traditions. Knowledge of the budget formulation process and ability to develop program budgets. Skilled in effective interviewing and crisis counseling skills. Skill in oral and written communications. Ability to plan, coordinate and execute training, program development and strategies to enhance operations. Ability to remain calm in crisis situations. Ability to implement, analyze, and evaluate program activities. Ability to speak the Zuni language preferred but not required. Ability to follow instructions and to establish and maintain good working relationships with Tribal employees and administration, law enforcement and the general public.

TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, psychology, or counseling, or other similar field; with three (3) years of direct program management or related experience to demonstrate the ability to perform the duties of the position; with one (1) year of supervisory experience.

LICENSE AND CERTIFICATES: Must possess a valid New Mexico Driver's License with no DUI/DWI convictions within the last three (3) years. Must not have been charged, arrested, or convicted of any crime of felony, or Class A conviction in Zuni Tribal Court, or any other jurisdiction, in the past five (5) years. Driving is an essential part of the duties.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Typically, the employee may sit comfortably to do the work. However, there may be some walking, standing, bending, carrying of light items, driving an automobile, etc. No special physical demands are required to perform the work. Regular exposure to favorable conditions such as those found in a normal office.

SPECIAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Position is subject to Pre-Employment drug testing. The position is safety sensitive and will be subject to random drug screening for the duration of employment. Must undergo and successfully pass a thorough character background check including FBI fingerprints. Make require some work in the evenings and on weekends. Must have own transportation and operative home telephone. This is a public trust position.